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So I saw a silly ad to download an insurance app on Instagram one day ... so I bit. It offered to track my driving for a couple weeks in order to give me a quote. It seemed to be tracking me whether I was driving or even if I was simply a passenger in someone else's car #uber. It even seem to be tracking me when I was on a flight to Chicago. 👀 Nevertheless, I paid no attention and went about my normal life for about two weeks. Around then, I received an alert that a quote had been prepared for me. Okcool! 👍🏿

Long story short, I received 3 options (kinda like a GOOD, BETTER, BEST) and was able to customize an affordable plan and today, I am ROOT's newest customer. Simple, easy, no phone calls, and no emails. I downloaded an app, let it do it's thing, clicked some buttons, and sent $1000 for 6 months of insurance to a company I've never heard of through my smart phone because ... that's normal, right? You should try it! >>> CHECK OUT ROOT.

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