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Affordable Housing x Fineview

In light of a recent ruling by an Allegheny County judge against a previously approved affordable housing project in Fineview due to zoning complications, I am compelled to address the broader implications. This decision underscores the ongoing challenges in ensuring affordable housing in Pittsburgh, especially when the city faces a staggering shortage of around 15,000 units.

Judge Mary McGinley's verdict brings to the forefront the pressing issue of gentrification, which not only disrupts communities but also exacerbates the wealth divide. In an era where investors can remotely acquire properties in Pittsburgh, it's untenable to squander resources on legal battles bred in our backyard that stall crucial housing projects.

We must prioritize the collective voice of the community over the whims of a few. Decisions should resonate with the present needs and not be swayed by outdated preferences of a minority. Affordable housing isn't merely about shelter—it's pivotal for a prosperous and inclusive Fineview and Pittsburgh.

Our Future Hilltop is committed to fostering community dialogue. We host monthly gatherings, conduct polls, organize events, and ensure transparency through live-streamed meetings and online board minutes. Every delay in housing projects pushes homeownership further from many, threatening Fineview's essence.

It's disconcerting when some choose to remain disengaged, affecting our collective trajectory. As the FCC board chair, I urge all residents, businesses, and organizations to collaborate with us. Your unique insights are invaluable. Your perspective is the portion of the tapestry that we're missing.

Join our council and be part of Our Future Hilltop's vision. Membership is accessible to all, starting at $0. Visit and let us reaffirm our commitment to community dialogue and collaboration in shaping the destiny of Fineview. #FCC #AffordableHousing

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Peace + love.


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