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6 Things You Should Never Share with ChatGPT

This is a short one. The rise of AI chatbots like ChatGPT offers remarkable convenience and efficiency but is your sensitive information safe? As I write this, the company behind the R1 is under fire once again, this time for failing to keep sensitive API keys secure basically making every entry and response from/to the device visible by anyone with the skillset to view it. No bueno. So how do we engage AI without exposure? Here are 6 things you should never share with ChatGPT:

1. Sensitive Company Data: Avoid disclosing proprietary or confidential business information.

2. Creative Works and Intellectual Property: Protect your original content from being potentially misused or replicated.

3. Financial Information: Never input banking details or financial data.

4. Personal Data: Keep personal identifiers such as names, addresses, and contact details secure.

5. Usernames and Passwords: Use a secure password manager instead of inputting these into #ChatGPT.

6. ChatGPT Conversations: Remember that chats might be accessible to others, so share cautiously.

So if you're unsure, probably best to not type it into digital existence in an AI chat query. Keep it close to the vest for now; ultra convenience may become our demise. peace + love


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