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If you haven't heard about the ANC Crusher's from SkullCandy, then you're missing out on life friend. If you're a bass or a cappella fiend like me, you'll love what these headphones bring to the game. These have a sensory bass feature that gives the bass in your favorite jams just the boost that audiophiles on the go have been waiting for since the beginning of portable music devices! Plus you can charge them for 10m and get about 3 hours of use. Don't fret, these have a mic so you can answer the phone or jump on a ZOOM, you workaholic. And yes, you can throw a cord in too if the battery dies and you still need that work. Get you a pair homie. Scroll down a grab a RENEWED pair if they're available. Amazon gives it a 90-day warranty and they sound just as good as a new pair. You won't regret it. Peace and love. P.S. Connect these to your Oculus and watch a 4K walk on YouTube (I love these) for an insane virtual travel experience!


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