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Apps I Love - May2021 Ed.

On a recent podcast with Dena Davis called the THE BUSINESS BREAKDOWN on WOVU - Cleveland, I was asked to provide a list of some of the apps I rock with in the lab on a day-to-day. Here are a few that come to mind that are inexpensive and turnkey:

-Facebook's Creator Studio (Posting/Planning) is most stable for planning posts on FB and IG. It's built into FB; rolled out last year. There are others that plan posts to FB & IG as well like (which is a great app) but FB & IG can switch up proxy parameters, etc at any time which can render the apps useless or cause them to error, etc, however temporarily. These 3rd party apps tend to offer more functionality, etc but there's nothing worse than opening up your phone and realizing none of your posts went LIVE because someone at FB changed a piece of code.

-IFTTT (Automation) Dope app to do things like change the profile picture on Twitter, IG, and LinkedIn automatically simply by changing your profile picture on FB or maybe you want the still shot of any video you post to IG with the hashtag "#yeababy" to automatically post on Twitter with a link to that post on IG. IFTTT does stuff like this and muuuuch more.

-Bonsai (Accounting) This is a great app for invoicing, writing contracts & proposals, and more. I used to use PayPal, BetterProposals & two other apps to do what Bonsai can handle without skipping a beat.

-Missinglettr (Blog Promotion) does a great job of taking a blog post then dripping it to social media over a period of time the user designates.

-ShorBy is cool for setting up multiple links from one link. It could links to specific pages on one's website, links to products and events as well. Typically used on IG in the bio.

-Lensa [smartphone] is great for editing pics on the fly. Buy it for $10/yr, it's more than worth the investment.

-eZy Watermark Photo [smartphone] is great for adding logos to your photos taken on your smartphone. There's even a version for videos!

-Headspace [smartphone] is great to help you fall asleep after you've spent a full day creating, posting, and planning social media content.

Be great!

Peace and love.


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